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IYJL is a Chicago-based organization led by undocumented youth working towards full recognition of the rights and contributions of all immigrants through education, leadership development, policy advocacy, resource gathering, and mobil
Website: http://www.iyjl.org
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Sneak Peek Into The Undocumented Art Exhibit Event!


Have you heard? On Saturday, Undocumented Illinois will be having an Unapologetic Art Exhibit. In anticipation, we wanted to share you a step-by-step teaser of the art and music you will be exposed to.

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Antonio: “We Need To Stand Up And Organize!”


“We can’t keep waiting for politicians or for others to change these unfair policies and just like we need to change the immigration laws nationally, we also need to stand up to IIT’s administration and tell them that we are here, we are IIT, we are IIT’s future and we won’t hide anymore. We need to stand up and organize. My name is Antonio Gutierrez, I’m undocumented, queer, and I am IIT.”

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Lissette: “It’s Clear That All I Did Was Stand- Or In This Case Lie- In Solidarity.”

I decided to engage in an act of civil disobedience outside of the Broadview Detention Center out of a desire to stand in solidarity with those most directly affected by our immigration system. Nobody should be subjected to the unimaginable suffering and anxiety which thousands of individuals and families are forced to endure, and, finally, because I can; as a citizen and as someone who enjoys the arbitrary advantage of citizenship, I’m in position of great privilege. Privilege demands action!

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Cecilio Is Out of Detention!


“This morning, Cecilio was supposed to be on a plane to Mexico. Instead, he’s on his way back to Aurora, Illinois to be reunited with his wife and two children.”

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Sara: “We All Have The Right To Be Here Without Living In Constant Fear. We have The Right To Live With Dignity. We Have The Right To Exist.”


“So when a community member is detained, it is a personal attack on me. I will not sit back and continue to watch families be destroyed and separated. We all have the right to be here without living in constant fear. We have the right to live with dignity. We have the right to exist.”

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Lourdes: “My Story Does Not End Here; I Am Still In Deportation Proceedings But I Am No Longer Afraid.”

Photo Credit: Isaac Silver

“That is the reason I am here coming out of the shadows. Because I feel my skin curling [goose bumps] and my heart breaks when thinking that my children could be left without their mother. And all of their dreams and mine will be truncated. I will not stop fighting. I will not let them separate me from my children.”

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