Undocumented Inspired Hip Hop


Speakin’ For A Dream

Performed by Christopher ‘Rhixcs’ Nguyen & Allen ‘Tusic’ Tu

All these years I’ve been asleep, ignorant to all the cries
of the folks who’re strugglin’, all their hurt and their sighs
The ones who go to sleep at night and spend it in a dream
But have to face reality, it makes them wanna scream
Without those nine digits, all their dreams go down the drain
No teachers helping children, no doctors healing pain
Now we’ve got this DREAM Act, limits cracked, that’s a fact
More than words, it’s our woken hopes and dreams, yeah, ya heard
Shot down at the top, an egg fallen from the nest
But here in Illinois it’s found a net where it can rest
Victory in numbers, * that’s how we fly
There’s more to these issues than * you and I
It breaks my heart to see more families broken up
Children being left behind, reminds me of a lost pup
now this tunnel has light, the dreams can take flight
Pens, pencils, education, arms we take up to fight
No champagne during campaign as we work day and night
won’t stop going til all that’s wrong is right


Everybody’s got a dream; all they need is a chance
Opportunities in need if they wish to advance
Wantin’ better lives set in a wonderland
But they can only get it if we give them helping hands

Dreams hanging on the line for an exact 10 years
So many words and tears designated toward their ears to hear
But we kept on with the struggling, forward for a future
Fulfilling the hopes of many wishin’ fo’ educations ensured
“All men are created equal,” the immortal declaration
Dubbed by our great nation, but we kept endorsing segregation
Separated between citizens and these so-called “illegals”
These labels are just labels, cuz people are still people
But not everyone is equal, and it’s based on a description
Nine digits make a barrier, which hits them with restrictions
“The land of opportunity,” they came for a better life
But deprived of education, barely know how to read and write
So they’re stuck doing cheap labor just to help make ends meet
Submittin’ to white slavers who don’t care if they end up in the streets
But we finally got reform, but really it’s not enough
One state could see the light, all these diamonds in the rough
Illinois at the front, a whole nation yet to follow

Dreams hangin’ in the air, leadin’ to a better tomorrow
So we got a question to all who’re listenin
where do we go from here, don’t think it’s a sin
To keep pushin’ this nation for this human right
we can all have a chance to learn, no dream out of sight
But first it’s imperative that those who can take care of this
Those folks sitting high up there in DC
See eye to eye with us, cuz if we’re gone you cease to be
Our Lives, money, time all for this country
You givin’ false images, perceptions needa change
Confusin’ people in their hearts, and washin up their brains
“Immigrants are bad and they just taking up our space
And since they here illegally, it ain’t their rightful place”
Gotta lose that mindset if society wants to survive
With immigrants by our side, it’ll grant us better lives
Truly in the end of it, they’ll solely be a benefit
And that thought alone should have people be defending it
But people should endorse the dream outta the goodness of their heart
Try switching into their shoes, livin’ a life that is hard
So let’s give them opportunities and relieve all the stress
All that matters is the future, let history be the rest

“Secure Communities”

Performed By: Allen ‘Tusic’ Tu

On August 17, I watched as my friend got pulled away
Her hands binded for fighting for freedom for everyone everyday
But she walked so strong, while I couldn’t even move
Forced to stick to the sidewalk, or else a bitching would ensue
From the people who swore that they would serve and protect
But is that possible when they can’t treat us who protest with respect?
But in retrospect, if we are peaceful, how are we a threat?
If the innocent get hurt, then how, how will we progress?
See, the answer’s pretty clear, or at least it is to ICE
Work toward a safer city while the innocent pay the price
The answer’s Secure Communities, taking care of criminals
Heh, it’s just spreading the wrong message, subliminal
Killers walk the street, but who they tryna get?
Undocumented people who just didn’t want to quit
Living for a dream, and fighting for better lives
ICE be targetting all of those who just tryna to survive

These pieces were performed at the Chicago Asian Hip-Hop Summit on August 27th, 2011. This event was organized by the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center “to share our culture by defining who we are ourselves in order to get a clear perception of our community. The summit seeks to eliminate biases and stereotypes that pose as obstacles to aspiring Asian Americans artists seeking their dreams of rapping, spoken word poetry, acting, singing, etc. by providing a space to share his/her passion.” More info at www.chicagokrcc.org. Thanks to IYJL organizer & KRCC staff Carla Navoa for sending & inspiring these posts. 


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