Protección Contra la Deportación: Honrar a los Veteranos Estadounidenses y a Sus Familiares Indocumentados a Través del Parole-in-Place


 ”Entonces, ¿por qué sigues indocumentada?” Esa es la pregunta que recibí de la mayoría de la gente, porque no podían creer que la esposa de un miembro del ejército estaba luchando para obtener una tarjeta de residencia. Después de todo, se espera que estar casado/a con un/a ciudadano/a de los estados unidos debe conceder estatus […]

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Relief from Deportation: Honoring U.S. Veterans and their Undocumented Families through Parole-in-Place


 “So, why are you still undocumented?” That was the question that I got from most people because they could not believe that an Army wife was struggling to get a green card. After all, it is expected that being married to a U.S. citizen should grant you legal status automatically, even more if your spouse […]

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Shutdown ICE: Arizona


October 14, Eloy Detention Center courtesy of NDLON Yesterday multiple community members and national organizations participated in back-to-back actions in Phoenix, AZ, aimed at shutting down Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). Early in the morning, community members from across the country were successful in chaining themselves in front of the Eloy Detention Center, blockading the road […]

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Dreams That Are Conscious

"Its not much of a guitar but for me it has given me an outlet."

By Caiden, First Installment Dreams aren’t what they used to be. No matter if it’s in my head or in my heart, I only know how to live in this moment.   Everyone is so disconnected from another. At what point do we allow people in our thoughts? Time is gone, it stops who we […]

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Death Hurts More When You’re Far Away


Uriel originally shared this on his facebook page on September 9, 2013. Because this is an experience that has touched so many of us, we asked him to share it with you. My grandma, Isabel Molina Rodriguez, passed away one week ago today after undergoing surgery in Mexico to remove cancerous tumors. In the very […]

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HOME: Act 1.7 Scene 9


“Home” is a complication of pieces ironically titled in play format to address how we are made to perform our undocumentation on a regular basis and how we, as undocumented people, have been used by countless individuals (even within “the movement” and by our own doing whether conscious of exploitation or not), groups, institutions and […]

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