Thank you for your interest in having a member of IYJL speak at your school, event, or other institution. We believe that part of fighting for immigrant rights and creating an informed and engaged community is sharing our stories, experiences, knowledge and skills.

We speak from our own perspectives as undocumented youth and allies, from our work as political organizers, from our participation in legislative campaigns, some times from our experience as students, workers, and researchers. As you fill out this form, we also ask that you keep in mind that:

  • We get a lot of requests, especially when there are national campaigns involving undocumented youth. Please be patient and open to options. Know for example that we might share this request with our partner organizations, particularly other Undocumented Illinois members.
  • We do this because we believe in sharing our work, and do not get paid. In addition, for those of us who are undocumented, it is harder to get jobs and scholarships for school. Even though it is not required, please consider giving the presenter a stipend, providing transportation or food, or donating to our organization.
  • We are whole people, have political opinions and contributions beyond our stories. Please ask if we are interested in sharing these as well.
  • Every time we share our story we are taking risks as undocumented immigrants, while at the same time talking about a part of our life that has been a source of anger and fear. Please be appreciative of our time and the sharing of our stories.

Thank you,

The Immigrant Youth Justice League