Shutdown ICE: Arizona


October 14, Eloy Detention Center courtesy of NDLON Yesterday multiple community members and national organizations participated in back-to-back actions in Phoenix, AZ, aimed at shutting down Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). Early in the morning, community members from across the country were successful in chaining themselves in front of the Eloy Detention Center, blockading the road […]

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Bios of the 12 Chicagoans Arrested Calling on the President to Stop Deportations


1. Stephanie Camba was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1990. Her family left the Philippines for the Marshall Islands in groups, starting with her grandparents, older sister and aunt. In 1991, Stephanie and her mom joined her remaining family members in search of better economic opportunities. Stephanie’s family naturalized after 10 years in the […]

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BREAKING: 12 Chicagoans Form Human Chain Calling on President to Suspend Deportations

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On Day of President’s Visit Home, Undocumented Immigrants & Allies Block Traffic, Unfurl Banner Reading “400,000: Not1More Deportation” Recorded Live: (05.29.2013) Chicago, IL – Seated around a banner with the number 400,000, the amount of people scheduled to be deported this year under White House quota, Chicagoans mounted a morning rush hour protest to call […]

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Undocumented Youth Insist Senator Durbin Can Take A Stance on Suspension of Deportations

Stop Deportations

Tuesday May 14th, six undocumented DACA-elegible youth, and one undocumented mom took over the street in front of the Broadview Detention Center urging for elected officials to take a stance in favor of a suspension of deportations as a first step to comprehensive immigration reform. In Illinois, we believe part of the strategy is to aks our […]

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Every Day, People Fight and Die For what They Believe In


Not only is Ruth Gomberg Muñoz an amazing anthropologist, activist, and professor – she is an amazing friend and mentor and ally. She has taught classes such as “Undocumented Labor Migrations” at UIC [where we met!] and has published an ethnography titled, “Labor and Legality” which focuses on undocumented immigrants who work as busboys at […]

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How I stopped believing in CIR and learned to love ‘piecemeal’ legislation

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Versión en Español Tania A. Unzueta I must admit, I once believed in  comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). I believed in what it promised, an overhaul of an antiquated immigration system that would result in a conditional path to citizenship for the 11 to 12 million undocumented immigrants who currently reside in the United States. I […]

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