Deferred Action Forgets About Our Parents


It was a cold October night and I had just come from school. The house was silent. And the only sound came from children playing and laughing outside. As I enter my house I could see my family was gathering around someone. One of my uncles came up to me and told me that my grandmother passed away. And […]

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Undocumented Inspired Hip Hop

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  Speakin’ For A Dream Performed by Christopher ‘Rhixcs’ Nguyen & Allen ‘Tusic’ Tu All these years I’ve been asleep, ignorant to all the cries of the folks who’re strugglin’, all their hurt and their sighs The ones who go to sleep at night and spend it in a dream But have to face reality, it […]

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How to walk out of a DHS [In]secure Communities hearing

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This is the testimony/ call for a walk out by Alaa Mukahhal, given at the public hearing on Secure Communities in Chicago, August 17th, 2011. After this call, over 300 people walked out of the meeting to join a civil disobedience by undocumented students outside.  My name is Alaa and I’m undocumented. Today, I am […]

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We’re not cute. We’re organized.


On Wednesday IYJL posted the following quote from the National Public Radio (NPR) article A new generation of Dreamers Goes Public: ”‎I think we got special treatment. Trying to deport us probably would have caused too much of an uproar,” says David Ramírez of Chicago, who was among those arrested in Atlanta. “It was calling the government’s bluff, […]

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I Too, Am America (Pt 1): Truth vs. Lies

“Undocumented students exemplify what it means to be American citizens. Independence Day is a celebration of rebellion against unfair laws, tyranny, and domination.”

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Demanding a space at the table

As one part of the “coming out of the shadows” action at Federal Plaza, IYJL has invited President Obama, Senator Durbin and Janet Napolitano to a place at our table. We undocumented youth have decided that this March 10 we will present our demands on a table. We understand the table as the most powerful […]

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