How a middle-aged professor came to participate in a civil disobedience action to stop a deportation bus


As I woke at 5:30 in the morning  to get dressed I remembered all the instructions:  no contacts in case the cops use pepper mace; no shoe laces, lacy accessories or jewelry that will be removed in jail; be prepared for a strip search and to have your glasses removed while you are detained.  The […]

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How have you navigated the IL school system? [Survey]

I was assigned 20 hours of community service as punishment for the Georgia action and I’m slowly serving my time at ICIRR. As part of it I’ve helped make this survey. Our answers will give us a better idea of the needs of undocumented youth, and how to help shape the resources we’ve won through the Illinois Dream […]

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“Because THIS is a Revolution!” A Slam Poem


“Because THIS is a Revolution!” A slam poem by Jorge I didn’t have to run across the border to know that as much as I love her. America does not love me back. And as much as I want to succeed, she won’t let me. My mother brought me here when she was 27 My […]

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Free The Chicago 9: Dream Act Now!

Today, July 20th 2010, hundreds of students from around the nation gathered in our country’s capitol to lobby for the passage of the DREAM Act, including members of the Immigrant Youth Justice League. On this day, 22 DREAM students engaged in a civil action to show the Senate that it is time for the DREAM […]

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Education Delayed

Hi, my name is Jesus Morales I’m an undocumented young man. I have been living here in the United States since the tender age of 4. My family migrated from Durango, México 16 years ago to look for a more secure and promising life than what we had in Mexico. I’ve had to deal with […]

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DREAMing of Greater Social Justice

IYJL has been having to respond to a criticism of the DREAM Act: the military option as a means to permanent residency. This is just one, of many, perspectives.

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