Free The Chicago 9: Dream Act Now!

Today, July 20th 2010, hundreds of students from around the nation gathered in our country’s capitol to lobby for the passage of the DREAM Act, including members of the Immigrant Youth Justice League. On this day, 22 DREAM students engaged in a civil action to show the Senate that it is time for the DREAM […]

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DREAMing of Greater Social Justice

IYJL has been having to respond to a criticism of the DREAM Act: the military option as a means to permanent residency. This is just one, of many, perspectives.

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What “Undocumented! Unafraid!” means to me as an Ally

Opening the door to Columbia’s College 624 building and seeing the empty shelves of the fully stocked bookstore , I ask “Do you have the Theory Toolbox?” The man seemingly squatting behind the counter says, “Yes” then goes to the one of two shelves that have books, stares with a lost look for a second […]

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Demanding a space at the table

As one part of the “coming out of the shadows” action at Federal Plaza, IYJL has invited President Obama, Senator Durbin and Janet Napolitano to a place at our table. We undocumented youth have decided that this March 10 we will present our demands on a table. We understand the table as the most powerful […]

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12 Million Divided By Thirty-Eight

12,000,000 (plus) Undocumented People divided by Thirty-eight words attributed to the subject by President Obama in his first State of the Union Address equals to: WE NEED TO PUSH HARDER! We already know that when dignitaries do not put the well being of our communities as a priority, we must do it ourselves. Job creation, […]

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. . . and beyond (by h.r. esparza)

Some words of encouragement as we continue our struggle! Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough! Get ready for sleepless nights Where frustration will visit our hopes. When we’ll be flown to the epicenter In which the taste of defeat will percolate our senses. In this altar we will question our every move […]

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