Dear A—–a,

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A letter to Alabama and the United States of America by IYJL organizer Uriel Sánchez. Dear A—–a, When the self-determination of a few are under attack, the self-determination of all are under attack. When the liberties of a few are under attack, the liberties of all under attack. From Fort Gibson to Montgomery, to the […]

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Dreaming a national, undocumented, APIA coming out

Since the explosion of Jose Vargas’s article in the NY Times, I’ve been bombarded with emails from people sending me the link to his story. Each email includes a brief message about his courage and how much of an inspiration he is and how reading this article makes them think about me. IN WHAT WAY? […]

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How have you navigated the IL school system? [Survey]

I was assigned 20 hours of community service as punishment for the Georgia action and I’m slowly serving my time at ICIRR. As part of it I’ve helped make this survey. Our answers will give us a better idea of the needs of undocumented youth, and how to help shape the resources we’ve won through the Illinois Dream […]

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Illinois Dream Act: The Facts

Update: The Illinois Dream Act was signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn on Monday August 1st, 2011. The ceremony took place in Chicago’s Benito Juarez High School, on the anniversary of the introduction of the federal legislation, also known as the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act. This legislation makes Illinois […]

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Our first legislative victory: The Inside Story

By Carla Navoa, IYJL Organizer Editor’s Note: On Monday May 31st the state house voted in favor of passing the Illinois Dream Act (SB 2185), soon to be signed into law. At no tax-payer cost, this bill would create a private scholarship fund for undocumented students, provide trainings for school counselors on opportunities for immigrant […]

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Rally for the Illinois Dream Act April 30th!

It’s time to hold our legislators accountable for their promises on the IL DREAM Act.  Hundreds of students and community members will rally to put pressure on our legislators how important the IL DREAM Act is to all communities! We need to let our legislators know: Enough talking! Time for Action! April 30th, 2011 at 11:00AM […]

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