Undocumented Youth: March on May 1st

Chicago Spring: May Day

I remember my uncle being detained. I was 11 years old living in Dallas, Texas. I had only been in the U.S. for three years. I remember conversations between my mom and my aunt about what do next. We couldn’t ignore the fact that my uncle who I had just played at the park with […]

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Treatment NOT Deportation: Vigil for Yanelli Hernandez


On Wednesday January 25th Yanelli was given an order of deportation from an immigration judge. She is currently scheduled to be deported on Tuesday, January 31st. A national effort has been launched to bring attention to Yanelli’s plight (http://bit.ly/dreamsuicide); over 4,000 supporters have signed onto a national petition demanding she be reunited with her family. […]

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We’re not cute. We’re organized.


On Wednesday IYJL posted the following quote from the National Public Radio (NPR) article A new generation of Dreamers Goes Public: ”‎I think we got special treatment. Trying to deport us probably would have caused too much of an uproar,” says David Ramírez of Chicago, who was among those arrested in Atlanta. “It was calling the government’s bluff, […]

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Lulu: “A future without fear is possible”

During coming out week we are highlighting the stories that we told at our National Coming Out of the Shadows Rally: Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic. Lulu is a student and an IYJL organizer. She was one of the 21 undocumented youth who participated in a civil disobedience in Washington D.C. to push for the DREAM Act […]

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How long have you been planning to fight?

I could say that since I graduated High School, or when I was bullied at Jungle Jim’s because I didn’t speak English, or when I had spent the last of my college savings to help my uncle pay for his coyote.  For the sake of venting I will say that it was in a jail […]

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. . . and beyond (by h.r. esparza)

Some words of encouragement as we continue our struggle! Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough! Get ready for sleepless nights Where frustration will visit our hopes. When we’ll be flown to the epicenter In which the taste of defeat will percolate our senses. In this altar we will question our every move […]

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