Declaration of Independence from “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”


Having lived undocumented most of our lives and having seen our family members and community experience what it means to be considered “illegal” in this country, we understand the importance for legislation and a change in the immigration laws. However, the current atmosphere in Congress, focuses on militarization, criminalization, and surveillance, without addressing the real […]

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BREAKING: 12 Chicagoans Form Human Chain Calling on President to Suspend Deportations

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On Day of President’s Visit Home, Undocumented Immigrants & Allies Block Traffic, Unfurl Banner Reading “400,000: Not1More Deportation” Recorded Live: (05.29.2013) Chicago, IL – Seated around a banner with the number 400,000, the amount of people scheduled to be deported this year under White House quota, Chicagoans mounted a morning rush hour protest to call […]

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How Queer Undocumented Youth Built the Immigrant Rights Movement

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This article was originally published on the Huffington Post Blog.  How did we build an immigrant rights movement? As undocumented queer immigrants, we learned from our own experiences. Frank Sharry’s latest opinion piece in The Washington Post extols the gay rights movement for teaching the immigrant rights movement how to fight, and in doing so, he places himself […]

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[Press Release] Urging ‘Coming Out of the Shadows’ Strategy Against Record-Number Deportations


Undocumented immigrant youth from Chicago and suburbs speak about the need for people in deportation proceedings to make their case public as a way to fight individual deportation and detention cases, and to bring attention to the stories of the families being affected by federal enforcement policies in Illinois. WHAT: Press conference with undocumented youth, […]

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Response from Undocumented Organizers to Immigration Reform Conversation

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In the last few days there have been a number of important announcements on immigration policy and the upcoming conversation on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Amongst the responses to these developments, undocumented immigrant students, workers, and organizers have weighed in on the conversation on CIR, the proposal from the ‘Gang of 8,’ and president Obama’s […]

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IYJL Mom Introduces Durbin With Speech on Civil Disobedience

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Speech from IYJL mom Rosi Carrasco, who introduced Senator Durbin at the February 4th Uniting America Immigrant Integration Summit, hosted by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). Rosi’s family, Ireri, Tania, and Martin have all been arrested as part of civil disobediences organized by the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) and the […]

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