IYJL At Three


October 2012 marks three years since a group of undocumented youth gathered at the Hull House for a meeting titled “Shout it Out.” What was to be a discussion inviting different undocumented youth to organize did not make it past introductions. That day, we shared tears, laughter, and togetherness over a conversation touching on our […]

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Six Undocumented Youth Arrested in Chicago Action Against Secure Communities

The 6 undocumented organizers who were arrested in Chicago protesting secure communities. They will be in trial on Wednesday January 11th, 2011.

UPDATE 9/18/2011: Earlier in September as a report on the program was released, 5 of the members of the commission resigned, saying that the recommendations in the report were not enough. That includes Arturo Venegas, whose resignation letter you can read here. Although the work still continues, the resignations are a direct result of the opposition and mobilization here in Chicago […]

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This is our moment


The Illinois Dream Act was signed into law on Monday August 1st, 2011 by Governor Pat Quinn. As part of the ceremony of this historic event, Arianna Salgado spoke about her own experience as an undocumented student and as part of the team of organizers that made the IL Dream Act a reality. Below is […]

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Arianna: Determined to fight for dignity and the right to be here

This week we are publishing the stories told by undocumented immigrant youth on March 10th, 2011 in Chicago, as part of our second annual National Coming Out of the Shadows rally. In our second post, we hear from Arianna, a high school student and an organizer with Nuestra Voz, a youth-led immigrant rights group in […]

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Kirk volunteer calls police on undocumented students

“There comes a time where risking arrest is just any other Thursday night. This also makes me wonder what kind of world do we live in that makes people have to risk everything just to get something that  is fundamental to all humans. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time.” […]

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15,000 calls could make DREAM Act a reality

“These eight days will decide the rest of our lives,” words from Reyna Wences, member of IYJL and a national leader in the DREAM Act movement, at this morning’s press conference. Well, it’s Friday, and we now have 7. We are working with groups nationally to push our legislators to vote “yes” on the DREAM […]

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