Not Guilty


The 6 undocumented youth arrested at Secure Communities protest found not guilty. They were arrested last August during a civil disobedience outside a hearing on the federal program Secure Communities. Cook County judge says she ‘understands’ some times actions like these need to be taken in order to be heard. Photo by Sarah Ji. More […]

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Chicago 6 face new charges, get final trial date

Five of the Chicago 6 at the 26th Street Court House.

UPDATE, 3/20/2012: The 6 Chicago activists have been declared not guilty of all charges. The judge stated that the city and the state prosecutors did not have proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the actions taken. Before closing, Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas, presiding over the case, said that she too came from an immigrant […]

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After ‘prosecutorial discretion’ we are still getting deported

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On Wednesday August 17th, six undocumented youth were arrested in Chicago carrying out an action to fight the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program called Secure Communities. We, and hundreds of other community members, walked out of a public hearing after the cops refused to let dozens of community members inside, demanding an end this […]

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Six Undocumented Youth Arrested in Chicago Action Against Secure Communities

The 6 undocumented organizers who were arrested in Chicago protesting secure communities. They will be in trial on Wednesday January 11th, 2011.

UPDATE 9/18/2011: Earlier in September as a report on the program was released, 5 of the members of the commission resigned, saying that the recommendations in the report were not enough. That includes Arturo Venegas, whose resignation letter you can read here. Although the work still continues, the resignations are a direct result of the opposition and mobilization here in Chicago […]

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Undocumented Inspired Hip Hop

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  Speakin’ For A Dream Performed by Christopher ‘Rhixcs’ Nguyen & Allen ‘Tusic’ Tu All these years I’ve been asleep, ignorant to all the cries of the folks who’re strugglin’, all their hurt and their sighs The ones who go to sleep at night and spend it in a dream But have to face reality, it […]

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[In]Secure Communities: A Brief History of Tearing Up Families

Today DHS will have a public hearing on secure communities in Chicago, at 6pm, at 622 West Randolph. More info here.

Today DHS will have a public hearing on secure communities in Chicago, at 6pm, at 622 West Randolph. More info here. [In]Secure Communities (SComm) is a federal deportation program started in October 2008 by the Obama Administration. Its purpose is to have local law enforcement share with Immigration Customs and Enforcement anyone they take in […]

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