How do you keep yourself from feeling like school & your degree were a waste of time?

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It’s something I’ve been struggling with greatly myself. How do you keep from feeling the past X amount of years were a complete waste of time? What about the five years it took for me to graduate when my parents paid in sweat, tears, and untold sacrifices. How many times did I wake up in […]

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Dreaming a national, undocumented, APIA coming out

Since the explosion of Jose Vargas’s article in the NY Times, I’ve been bombarded with emails from people sending me the link to his story. Each email includes a brief message about his courage and how much of an inspiration he is and how reading this article makes them think about me. IN WHAT WAY? […]

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Jorge: “I know you feel like giving up, but I won’t let you”

My name is Jorge and I’m undocumented. I came to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. Raised by a single mother, who cleaned offices at night so that she would be around to ensure that her children received a good education. Learning English through Goosebumps books, I sat with other classmates, whose skin […]

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Carla: Refusing to address a problem that plagues us, doesn’t make it go away

On March 10th, 2011 Chicago held it’s second annual National Coming Out of the Shadows. Ten undocumented youth told their stories of living in the U.S. undocumented, and becoming unafraid and unapologetic. Carla is one of those youth, a college student, and one of our IYJL organizers. This was her testimony: As a helpless five […]

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Undocumented students represent themselves in D.C. court, could face deportation

This Friday October 1st, eight undocumented youth and students will be traveling to Washington D.C. to appear before court as a consequence of the arrests that took place during a civil disobedience action to urge legislators to move the DREAM Act forward. We were part of the 21 undocumented students who took over the capitol […]

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What “Undocumented! Unafraid!” means to me as an Ally

Opening the door to Columbia’s College 624 building and seeing the empty shelves of the fully stocked bookstore , I ask “Do you have the Theory Toolbox?” The man seemingly squatting behind the counter says, “Yes” then goes to the one of two shelves that have books, stares with a lost look for a second […]

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