Treatment NOT Deportation: Vigil for Yanelli Hernandez


On Wednesday January 25th Yanelli was given an order of deportation from an immigration judge. She is currently scheduled to be deported on Tuesday, January 31st. A national effort has been launched to bring attention to Yanelli’s plight (; over 4,000 supporters have signed onto a national petition demanding she be reunited with her family. […]

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Panel on Mental Health Implications of Being Undocumented

Picture 17

Last year as the vote for the DREAM Act approached, IYJL members organized a Coming Out Event talking about how being undocumented affects our mental health. We invite you to listen to the stories like the one above and consider coming to the panel A DREAM Deferred, exploring the mental health implications of being undocumented—urging educators, counselors, […]

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As vote approaches undocumented youth talk about suicide, mental health & the DREAM Act

As undocumented youth all over the country are spending day and night working on the DREAM Act (not to mention work, school, family, etc), we thought it was important to also begin to talk publicly about our mental health, suicide, and how being undocumented relates. In Chicago, we decided to hold a public demonstration: A dream deferred, […]

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What’s it going to take? Pass the DREAM Act Now

By Alaa Mukahhal We’ve seen this scene unfold a hundred times it seems. We stood in front of the door of hope only to have it shut closed so many times it’s beginning to feel like déjà vu. Haven’t we walked down this road before? I wonder what’s it going to take to pass this act. […]

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A dream deferred, a life denied

Undocumented youth talk about suicide, mental health and the DREAM Act, in memory of those who took their lives because their dreams and futures were denied. Tuesday, December 07, 2010 @ 12:00 PM, Federal Plaza Help us spread the word: Download the flyer, or check facebook. “I graduated in June of 2009, a day after my graduation […]

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