Response from Undocumented Organizers to Immigration Reform Conversation

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In the last few days there have been a number of important announcements on immigration policy and the upcoming conversation on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Amongst the responses to these developments, undocumented immigrant students, workers, and organizers have weighed in on the conversation on CIR, the proposal from the ‘Gang of 8,’ and president Obama’s […]

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Cómo dejé de creer en la reforma migratoria integral y aprendí a amar la reforma gradual

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Este escrito fué originalmente publicado en Ingles, el 14 de diciembre del 2012. Fue traducido en colaboración entre la autora, y organizadores en Tennessee, parte del TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). La traducción fue hecha como parte de un esfuerzo para informar a sus miembros de las diversas posturas en el movimiento pro-inmigrante […]

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Immigrant rights are an LGBTQ Issue

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On Tuesday September 27th we collaborated with the Chicago LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition to present a community forum on the intersection between immigrant rights and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities. Watch the recording of that forum here.  Photo by Emmanuel Garcia 7 simple reasons why the LGBTQ community needs to care about […]

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The politics of coming out (via Organizing Upgrade)

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Over the last 6 months our focus has been on building a strong base of undocumented youth and allies who are informed, empowered, and organized. And in the one and a half year of our experience, our work includes education, outreach, and mobilization that addresses the need for our communities to know about immigration policy that affects them, be connected to resources, and know that they have a right to organize.

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Walking Out of the Arizona Sit-In

On May 17th 2010 the first civil disobedience by undocumented youth took place in Tucson, Arizona – and minutes before Mohammad Abdulahi, Yahaira Carrillo, Lizbeth Mateo and resident Raul Alcaraz were arrested by local police, I walked out of the sit-in. The moment that I stepped out of the office, I knew it meant I […]

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ICE Releases Undocumented Youth Leaders Detained at McCain’s Office Pushing for DREAM Act

IYJL members Adam Kuranishi and Tania Unzueta have been in Arizona for the last week and a half  working on this project. Below is the press statement from the group on the release of the students who were detained at the sit in. Tucson, Arizona — On the night of May 18th the three undocumented […]

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