These are some tips for undocumented youth on some things about how to move in this world. Please post more tips if you got them, we will take them and add them here.

When filling out an I-9 form for work, it’s better to check LPR than citizen when you are undocumented. Checking citizen can have stronger implications in the future when fixing statuses.

Get an ITIN number, it is useful for taxes and can be used for some work places. We have heard it is also better to use your ITIN even if you have a social security number.

If stopped by cops only give your name. Do not carry false documents. If you are taken in say you want to speak to your lawyer (have a lawyer). Don’t say anything else, like place of birth or anything.

Never sign anything if you are detained.

Meet other people that are undocumented. It helps to know you are not alone, and to share more tips and resources with each other. Then share them with us.

Your true friends will try to understand you. It may take more time for some than others, but keep conversations open and remember that there are more people in the world who will be supportive- you just have to meet them.

Do what you have to keep your mental health. We love you and want you to be ok.

spell check. It makes you seem more professional. If you decided to defy grammar do it with a purpose.

Follow your dreams. Don’t let this system get you down. We are more than our statuses and we are working for the recognition .