Undocumented Illinois is a collective of undocumented-led organizations around the state born out of the need to share knowledge, strategies, resources and stories between the city, the suburbs, and those working inside schools. Our hope is that Undocumented Illinois can supports the work of undocumented people across the state, and allows us to work together.

We believe in leadership of those directly affected by the policies we are trying to change, skill-sharing and community education, creative legislative strategies, direct-action, and transformative institutional impact. Undocumented Illinois began to exist even before it was an organization, when the groups started collaborating to organize the annual National Coming Out of the Shadows day, and became official in the spring of 2012. It was cofounded by the Latin@ Youth Action League in DuPage, Undocumented Students and Allies at IIT, Elgin Dreamers, undocumented students at Dominican University,and the Immigrant Youth Justice League. [Pictures above from the @UndocumentedIL instagram feed]

Are you part of an organization led by undocumented  people in Illinois? Consider being part of Undocumented Illinois. Get in touch here